Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Independent , dependent , constant variables

Comment below on the variables of the experiment you have chosen


  1. Investigating how olden pictures are developed :
    Hypothesis: Which type of chemical used to develop a picture will fade easily?
    Constant: The picture, The place
    Dependent: Which type of chemical used to develop a picture will fade easily?
    Independent: The method of developing the picture ( Different type of chemicals )

    1. Hypothesis: The darker the colour of the chemical, the faster it will fade

  2. Can the moon interfere with certain astronomical observations?

    Independent - The shape of the moon that can be seen from Earth.

    Dependent - What if certain astronomical observations change?

    Constant/Controlled Variables - The environment used to be observing, the weather.

    1. Hypothesis - If it was a full Moon, then some of the astronomical observations would be changed unlike in other periods.

  3. Which activities can cause inattentional Blindness

    Constant variables : Environment and the test subjects

    Dependent variables : If they are affected by Inattentional blindness

    Independent variables: The activities that they are doing

    Hypothesis : Doing boring things causes Inattentional blindness