4. Discussion

4. Discussion

4.1 Key findings
Our results showed that pH solution 5 and 6 caused the most weight loss in the eggshells. We observed that the eggshells that were soaked in pH solutions 3 and 4 have cracks in them. Most of the eggshells in pH solutions 3 and 4 have also turned more translucent.

4.2 Explanation of key findings
The results that we got from the experiment might not have been accurate as we might not have conducted enough tests and due to time constraints we could not conduct the test over a longer period of time. The cracks and the eggshells becoming more translucent could be a result of acids attacking and weakening the eggshells.

4.3 Evaluation of hypothesis 
We expected the eggshells in pH solution 3 to have the most difference in weight after the experiment but our results showed that the eggshells in pH solution 5 and 6 had the most weight loss. However, other sources support our hypothesis of the most acidic solution causing the most corrosion. In addition, we noted cracks in the eggshells and the eggshells being more translucent for those being soaked in pH solutions 3 and 4.

4.4 Areas for improvement  

We could have used beakers which enabled us to easily remove the eggshells. When we used chopsticks to take out the brittle eggshells, some weak portions of the eggshells might have chipped off as the neck of the container was a bit too narrow to remove them with ease. We could also have further simulated the conditions of the mouth taking into consideration matters such as saliva and temperature as these are some of the factors that contribute to the level of corrosion as well. (Mayo Clinic, 2013) If we have left the eggshells in the beakers for a longer period (for example 1 month instead of 5 days), the results of our experiment may have skewed towards our hypothesis.

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