Literature review

Title of research: 

Title of research: 

An investigation on the pH solution and its effect on tooth decay.

The experiment is feasible as we will have necessary materials and tests for it.
( eg. egg shell in replacement of teeth, pH solutions, beakers )

Egg shells are very easy to be found in supermarkets. pH solutions can be found in the lab.

The testing should be manageable as it does not require a lot of time. ( about the span of 1-2 weeks )

Who will be affected by tooth decay?
It affects all living organisms with teeth but the main focus is on humans.

What are the type of pH solutions we are going to test?
pH 3, 4, 5, 6, water

What colour should the decay be?
Dull-yellowish, grey

What is the acidity that will cause a higher chance of tooth decay?
Drinks with high acidic quantities

What is enamel?
It is a porous layer that protects our teeth and once it is eroded, it cannot grow back. Stains from the food or beverage that we eat or drink will go into the porous layer and it will turn dull- yellowish.

What are some measures that we can take against staining?

Drink using a straw. Using a straw will not let the beverage have so much contact with your teeth, so there will be fewer stains.

When will the beverages or food stain our teeth?
When having a drink or when eating.

Where will the acidity of drinks and food affect?
Our whole body but mainly our teeth as it will wear away our enamel.

Why did we choose this research topic?
We want to find out what type of food or beverages are bad for our teeth so that in the future we can inform the people around us what type of beverages will and will not cause tooth decay or other teeth problems.

How will we carry out this experiment?
We will soak eggshells into different pH solutions and see which pH solution erodes away more of the eggshell.

How will we get each pH solution?
We will ask the lab technicians to help us to get the different pH solutions.

Which materials are going to use?
We will be using 5 beakers which contain a different pH solution in each beaker and 10 eggshells for each test.

Constant Variables:
1)The type of eggshell
2)The type and volume of the beaker
3)The amount of pH solution put into each beaker.
4) The temperature in which each beaker is put in.

Dependent variable:
The eggshells

Independent variable:
The type of pH solution

A more acidic solution will cause a higher loss in mass.

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