Sunday, 25 August 2013


Before we started on ISS, I thought that ISS would be a very dry subject. But after the process of the investigation, I found that ISS is actually very interesting as we get to choose an investigation of our choice and it is a hands on investigation. From this experience I learnt how to write a logbook. Maintaining a logbook is not easy as it will have to depend on our consistency as we need to update the logbook every lesson to make sure that what we did for the lessons are all recorded down so that when we have to hand it up, all the information will be there and we will not have to do last minute unnecessary work. From this, I learnt not to procrastinate as it will only bring more unwanted trouble. From the literature review, I also understood how to brainstorm for ideas by generating questions and answering them to know more about the topic. In the midst of it, I also found out the proper way of how to quote our sources. From this investigation I learnt that a proper and very through research must be carried out to find out more about the subject and that we must definitely not just jump in to do the experiment without proper background information. Finally, I learnt about constant variables, independent variables, dependent variables, how to plot a graph, write introductions, abstracts, and literature reviews. Although the results that we gathered from our experiment were not accurate, I belief that because of the mistakes made in this experiment, in future we will be more careful, thorough and consistent in our work.

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